Meet Dylan Skews (full festival)

Dylan Skews

Dylan Skews exploded onto the SA comedy scene five years ago, winning comedy titles and receiving rave reviews along the way.

A trained actor, his comedy performances combine sketches, elaborate impersonations and hilarious observations.

In his own words: “I am an actor by heart. My other love is making people laugh. Making people laugh may sound noble – what really gets me going is making people laugh at jokes that make them uncomfortable. This brings out their inner fears and biases. They then feel bad about laughing. Kind of shines the light in those dark place of the human soul. Maybe people will then look at themselves with new eyes. At worst everyone gets to see how normal they are – unless they are the only ones laughing – then they realise that maybe they are pretty screwed up.”

Dylan’s residency at the Jive Cape Town Funny Festival delivered by Turkish Airlines has been extended to the full festival 20 July and 16 August 2015.

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Dylan Skews Fast Facts

  • Dylan has received a number of awards since the beginning of his career in showbiz, including:
    • South African School Of Motion Picture And Live Performance (AFDA) “Best Actor” award in 2008,
    • Winner of the Nandos Comedy Showdown in 2009,
    • Winner of Phat Joe’s comedy show in 2010 where he won the title “Cape Town’s next comedian”.
  • He wrote, directed and performed in his own one-man show, SKEWS ME.
  • He has a recurring role as Logan, the charismatic drunk pirate in the TV series Black Sails.
  • Dylan enjoys the support and endorsement from fellow comedy heavyweights:
    • “Stellar comedian, gifted.” – Rob Van Vuuren (S.A’s Got Talent, Corne & Twakkie)
    • “Dylan, of course I’ll endorse him, a brilliant comic” – Paul Snodgrass (Radio jock, television and sports presenter, comedian)
    • “A wonderful contribution to the S.A comedy circuit, Dylan has what it takes to become a significant force in the scene” – Nik Rabinowitz (2009 SA Comic of the year)
    • “Dylan Skews is proof that the next generation in S.A is alive, well and intelligent.” – David Newton (Fleur De Cap Winner, S.A Comic of the Year Nominee 2009).