Meet Mike Raffone (Full Festival)

Mike Raffone’s work is described as “interactive, eccentric, but above all funny.”

With over 25 years’ experience as a comedian, comic actor and writer, he has worked on stage, screen and radio, and at many street theatre festivals.

“Seldom do you find a performer that completely captivates an audience without uttering a single word…” – Greg Thompson, American Playwright & Producer

“I have never seen anything so funny in all my life…” – audience member at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Oh, and the one thing he doesn’t want anyone to forget, is that he also compiles cryptic crosswords!

Catch Mike Raffone for the full Jive Cape Town Funny Festival Deliv, taking place between 20 July and 16 August 2015.

5 Minutes With Mike Raffone

How old were you when you appeared on stage for the very first time?
I was sixteen when I appeared on stage in my very first professional show. I had a small part where I walked on stage, played the recorder for a bit then got disowned by my dad. I was paid £5 in book tokens so I consider it to be my first paid professional engagement.

That moment when you realised being a performer is what you wanted to do for the rest of your life…I’m not sure I have realised it yet, but I’m considering it as it’s a lot of fun, and you meet some amazing people. I think the first time that I was aware that performing was going to be a large part of my life was when I was 14 and I saw my first theatre show. It was a community company who came into my school. In the show a young actress actually briefly appeared topless at one point. (You could do that sort of stuff in the 70s). It was at that moment that I decided this was the job for me. (I’m not making this up, honest!)

Tell us about those cryptic crosswords…
Well I had some software and some time on my hands a few years ago. I sadly don’t have time these days to actually compile cryptic crosswords, but I am an avid solver. My favourite being The Times. I’m a lover of puzzles and language and the two come together perfectly in a good cryptic crossword clue.

What do you look forward to most about the 2015 Jive Cape Town Funny Festival?
Making a thousand people laugh every night, and I’m also really chuffed to be with such a great line up of acts, all at the top of their game. No pressure there then.