Fact Sheet: Jive Cape Town Funny Festival, delivered by Turkish Airlines (11 July – 7 August 2016)

  1. A chance meeting with the legendary cast of the Carry On films in the early 1970’s, led Eddy Cassar on a life-long fascination with humour and live comedy.
  2. Promoting the Smirnoff Grahamstown Jazz Festival at the National Arts Festival in the late 1980’s was the birth of producing the country’s first stand-up comedy festival.
  3. In 1997 Eddy Cassar produced the inaugural Smirnoff Comedy Festival, which showcased the top local and two international comics. The project won a BASA Award in that year.
  4. Smirnoff moved on in 2004 and the project changed its name to the Cape Town Funny Festival in 2005 and embraced variety and speciality acts.
  5. The project is sponsored by local cool drink company Jive and Turkish Airlines, adopting the official name The Jive Cape Town Funny Festival delivered by Turkish Airlines.
  6. Today the project is well respected by local and international performers as a top class festival on the international comedy circuit.
  7. The Festival runs for a month in the heart of Winter in Cape Town and encompasses about thirty performances at its home, the Baxter Theatre.
  8. The Festival’s brand identity mirrors the local culture and custom of Cape Town and the region, and excludes profanities by choice.
  9. The project is heavily supported by local charities, sport and social clubs as their Winter fund raiser. It annually raises funds for the Children’s Hospital Trust and The Mayoral Fund.
  10. The Cape Town Funny Festival enjoys strategic status as one of the top annual events, by the City of Cape Town’s Economic Development and Tourism department.
  11. The Cape Town Funny Festival opened in London’s New Wimbledon Theatre in 2014 as the Cape Town Funny Festival in London, as a marketing initiative for the City of Cape Town and the region. It was repeated in November 2015 and will open in London later in 2016.