How well do you know Yaaseen Barnes? (11 – 24 July)

Yaaseen Barnes

Yaaseen started his very young career in just 2013, tweeting small jokes. His account took off after someone suggested Yaaseen read his tweets live on stage. In 2014 Yaaseen won the Goodhope FM Laughmaster and appeared on stage for two weeks at the Jive Cape Town Funny Festival the same year.

In 2015 Yaaseen performed at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival, winning the Newcomer of the Year award in the process. Later writing for Stuart Taylor’s Revue show and touring with Riaad Moosa.

We asked Yaaseen a few questions about himself and his career…


Why do you do what you do?

I tell jokes on a stage because telling them at a desk job would get me fired.

What has been your favourite performance of your career so far?

It was my first night at Funny Fest in 2014. It was the first time I performed at the Baxter and still to a crowd that was predominantly Muslims (which made me more nervous); Eddy then told me that the lineup was Trevor Noah then me (as a nobody) then Riaad Moosa. I basically had to stand my ground between the countries biggest names… and I did. That was the show that I learnt that I can do this thing called comedy.