Meet Ennio Marchetto (21 July – 7 August)



Meet Ennio Marchetto (21 July – 7 August)

The One Man Living Paper Cartoon Factory

Born in Venice, Italy, in the early 60s, Ennio was expected to continue the family business of expresso machine repair. But he had other ideas...

Inspired by the Venetian culture surrounding him as a boy, Ennio, began making extravagant costumes and entertained family and friends with his comedic impressions. His vision evolved and in the early 1980s, Ennio produced his very first cabaret show, which went on to win a prestigious award.

He later met his creative partner, costume designer, Sosthen Hennekam, who now collaborates on Ennio's very elaborate paper costume act.

Having performed at major shows such as the Edinburgh Festival, Ennio has become a major hit and has achieved critical acclaim.

Ennio performs his brilliantly funny impersonations of the world's most iconic personalities in sell-out venues in over 70 countries across the globe.