Meet Gino Fabbri (Full Festival)

Gino Fabbri

Are you a fan of brilliantly relateable, real-life impressions? Well then Gino is a must-see!

A true muso at heart, Gino started out performing as a drummer from the tender age of just 9 and jamming well into his 20s. Gino found his interest in comedy only in his 30s, debuting in 2001.

As a first timer to the Funny Festival stage this year, we asked Gino about is act.

I do characters…I choose the characters that people know and love and wind them into my act with the aim of entertaining from start to finish. If it entertains people, I’ll do it .. if it makes for a laugh, I’ll do it…

This completely self-taught comedian (or in his words, “muso who does comedy on the side”) has something for everyone with his mismatched assortment of hilarious characters. Look out for crowd favourites, Ruan Hollywood (a rather unfortunate and lovable, yet totally misguided winner of  the TV show Poep Idols) and Rancid Punjabi (livewire Chatsworth mover and shaker), at this year’s Jive Cape Town Funny Festival delivered by Turkish Airlines.

We know what Gino is most looking forward to at this year’s Funny Festival…mostly because he told us!

New audiences, new faces and of course a chance to learn from and get to know the iiiiiinnncredible performers that I will be working with! What an opportunity for me!!! I’m going to be like a sponge!! A comedy sponge…that soaks up comedy…but I’ll have legs…and arms…a bit like Spongebob…but not yellow. Thin legs, yes…the end!

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